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想訂外送火鍋套餐? 記得㩒入來拎埋$50優惠碼呀!
想訂外送火鍋套餐? 記得㩒入來拎埋$50優惠碼呀!



Under the current policies of the Hong Kong Government responding to the COVID-19, no dine-in is allowed after 6 PM. People are forced to wear masks in the public areas, which makes them have no chance to eat outside and leave them to either cook at home or buy take-away food.


In this situation, the delivery food industry shows an increasing trend, reflected by the demands of both cooked food delivery and ingredient delivery. Hong Kong people love hotpot very much and the COVID-19 absolutely has nothing to do with it. Wholesalers now provide hotpot packages with delivery services to meet the demands and here are some recommendations for good hotpot delivery packages.


Chun Po Food Company Limited launched several hotpot delivery packages. The top-selling item is the "Lobster & Seafood Steam Hotpot Package", selling at $1,488 with an original price of $2,498, which is a 40% off! Ingredients like lobsters, scallops, razor clams, and clams are within the package. Of course, there are essentials like sliced beef and pork, vegetables, and hotpot meatballs, which can feed 8 people at a time.


Besides this package, Chun Po Food Company Limited is also providing hotpot delivery services in Hong Kong with up to 40% off and there is no delivery service charge*. For those who want to gather, hotpot delivery might be the best choice for you.


Special Recommendation:

Abalone Seafood Steam Hotpot Feast + FREE complimentary steam pot x 1 (Free delivery)

      Hotpot broth - choose one of:

  1. Chinese Ham Black Hen Soup  

  2. Cordyceps Wolfberry Chicken Soup  

  3. Fish Maw Milk Soup 

  4. Fresh Pork Bone Soup 

  5. Fritillary Bulb Sea Coconut Pork Bone Soup

  6. Spinach Tofu Fish Head Soup



  • Dalian Abalone 12 pcs

  • Fresh Razor clams 10 pcs

  • Fresh Scallop 10 pcs

  • Babylon shell meat 1 portion

  • Fresh White Clam 1 pcs

  • Fresh prawns 12 pcs

  • Local hand cut Beef Chuck 1 portion

  • Angus beef 1 portion

  • Fresh beef 1 portion

  • Sliced Supreme Black Pig pork 1 portion

  • Hotpot chicken fillet 1 portion

  • Homemade dumplings 12 pcs

  • Hand Mashed Mud Carp 1 portion

  • Japanese Udon 1 portion

  • Longkou vermicelli 1 portion

  • Fresh Garden Vegetables 2 portions

  • Soy sauce, diced garlic, diced chili peppers x 1 portion each

  • Cutlery x 12 sets