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想訂外送火鍋套餐? 記得㩒入來拎埋$50優惠碼呀!
想訂外送火鍋套餐? 記得㩒入來拎埋$50優惠碼呀!


Frozen Food in Hong Kong

Due to current policies of the Hong Kong Government responding to the COVID-19, no dine in is allowed after 6PM. But it doesn’t mean you can eat good food! MOBIJUCE eShop brings you frozen food sets from Fresh Queen - including premium frozen meat and seafood from all over the world! You can eat Japanese scallop sashimi, A4 wagyu beef, whole live king crab and even live boston lobster by just staying at home! Just order through MOBIJUCE eShop, you can get free frozen food delivery to your door!


1.【Fresh Queen】All Purpose Seafood Set (8 servings) ONLY AT $1,988 (Original Price $2,488)

Set includes:

• Live King Crab (Around 2.4 kg) 1 Piece

• Local Geoduck 1 Catty

• Short Neck Clam 8 Pieces

• Fresh Clam 1 Catty

• Live Boston Lobster (Around 450 g) 1 Piece

• Sabah Grouper 1 Catty